Duraline Thin-Rim Saw Blades for Fragile Materials up to 1/4" Thick

Duraline Thin-Rim saw blade

The FORREST Duraline Thin-Rim is the ideal blade for cutting fine, fragile and or thin-walled material such as 1/32˝ to 1/4˝ acrylic sheets, engraving stock, curved formica sections, plastic extrusions, etc. It eliminates chipping, minimizes tooth impact, and greatly reduces material waste.

Made with double-hard C-4 Submicron Carbide for longer life between sharpenings.

#11 (TCG Modified) – Specially designed and recommended for acrylic sheets, 1 or 2 sided formica laminates, engraving stock and chippy material. UNEXCELLED on radial and overhead saws as it totally eliminates chipout on bottom sheet of acrylic when saw is set to break thru bottom only 1/32˝.

#2 (TCG) – For 1-sided laminates, acrylics, phenolics, styrenes & PVC sheets.

TCG Modified, TCG, ATB teeth diagramDuraline ThinRim diagram

#7 (ATB) – For vinyl surfaced laminates (1 or 2 sides), particle board & fine plywood, or wood model making.

Catalog No. (Click for info) Diameter Teeth Tooth style Kerf Std Bore Price  
TR12807085 12" 80 ATB .085" 5/8" $336.00 Add to cart
TR12802085 12" 80 TCG .085" 5/8" $336.00 Add to cart
TR08802075 8" 80 TCG .075" 5/8" $292.00 Add to cart
TR08807075 8" 80 ATB .075" 5/8" $292.00 Add to cart
TR088011075 8" 80 TCG Modified .075" 5/8" $292.00 Add to cart
TR10802080 10" 80 TCG .080" 5/8" $327.00 Add to cart
TR10807080 10" 80 ATB .080" 5/8" $327.00 Add to cart
TR108011080 10" 80 TCG Modified .080" 5/8" $327.00 Add to cart
TR128011085 12" 80 TCG Modified .085" 5/8" $336.00 Add to cart
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