You may send your dull blades to Forrest Manufacturing Sharpening Service by FedEx, UPS and Post Office. The blade(s) must be well protected, with cardboard sheets or other packing between multiple blades. Inside the package PLEASE include a purchase order or note with your name, address and telephone number, listing of items in the package, and any specific instructions (i.e. "please sharpen and test cut") you would like us to follow. You may print the Sharpening Form (in PDF format) that is provided by Forrest Manufacturing from most any standard printer. Blades received without written instruction will be sharpened and have chipped teeth replaced. If you send us a blade in a custom made shipping box, be sure your name is clearly marked on the outside in several places and ask us to return your blades in the same box.

Due to scheduling with in Forrest Manufacturing Sharpening Service, router bits, knives, ect., may take longer than blades. If you send blades and bits together, they may come back separately so as not to keep you waiting. Seperate packages will help prevent damage to the tooling, but will cost more in freight.


Forrest Manufacturing Sharpening Service will add return shipping charges to all orders.

10" dia and under: First blade $15.00, Second blade $3.00, Additional blades $2.00 ea

12" to 14" dia: First blade $18.00, Additional blades $3.00 ea

16" dia: First blade $25.00, Additional blades $10.00 ea

Dado set: Dado set $18.00, Additional dado set $10.00, Additional blade $2.00 ea

Please note that wooden boxes and special shipping requests will add $10.00 to the above shipping charges.

We ship outgoing orders mostly via USPS and UPS. Collect shipping available upon request.


Forrest Manufacturing Sharpening Service accepts the four major credit cards (include number and expiration date). Customers with open account status will be billed for sharpening and shipping charges.

Canadian Customers:

Please ship your blades via Post Office and write "For Service" on the customs form if required.