“Forrest saw blades are one of those rare products where expectation is far exceeded. Your blade has made every saw cut smoother, safe, and quieter—and I can cut through thicker or harder wood than I have been able to cut with any other saw blade. I have truly been thrilled with my Forrest Woodworker II saw blade.”
Gregory Georges, Chapel Hill, NC

“Anytime someone asks about blades, I always steer them toward Forrest.”
Conrad Coffey, Port Orford, OR

“The eight-inch, 80-tooth Duraline Hi-AT blade is phenomenal. Just like all the other Forrest blades I use regularly in my shop, it performs fl awlessly and produces the finest cuts imaginable. Keep up the great work on your excellent products.”
Dan Krage, Milford, OH

“It is so nice to see a company here in the USA making a quality product at a fair price.”
William Haas, Fishers, IN

“I tell everyone I know to use Forrest Manufacturing for all saw blades. I look forward to future years of business with you.”
Marty Hansen, The Colony, TX

“Thanks for your great, prompt service. I brag about my Forrest blades to any who will listen. They make my job so much easier…”
Thomas T. McCabe, Pine Plains, NY

“Thank you for your great saw blades. I believe a cutting tool is only as good as the blade that goes on the machine and this is why my woodworking friends and I choose Forrest.”
Anthony Brewer, Tallahassee, Fl

“I only use your company’s blades. You have a lifelong customer in me.”
Chad Cottrell, Minatare, NE

“Your blade is the best I’ve owned. I hesitated at the price… but I’ve not regretted the outlay. The old aphorism is true: you get what you pay for. I will be able to pass it on to my son. Thanks.”
Bill Casterline, Pulaski, NY

“Any future blades bought in my cabinet shop will be FORREST blades. I think maybe the best bonus of all for me is that they are made in America. I only wish I had tried your blades years ago. Thanks for a great product!”
Chuck Gomendi, Pavillion, WY

“I really like my Forrest blades, have run others, but nothing performs like a Forrest.”
Ben O. Wilson, Crawfordsville, IN