Woodworker II - 48 Tooth For Crosscuts

Woodworker II 48 tooth saw blade for table sawsIt's a Woodworker II, so it will still RIP 1" HARDWOOD and all SOFTWOODS, but with a higher tooth count it has even more splinter control. PLY-VENEER of oak and birch will crosscut with NO BOTTOM SPLINTER at moderate feed rate.


• 20° Face Hook for easy feed.

• Our DOUBLE HARD and 40% STRONGER C-4 CARBIDE will give up to 300% longer life between sharpenings

• Ends blade changing (one blade does rip, combo and crosscut).

• Ends scratchy saw cuts

ATB Teeth diagram

• Ends second-step finishing

• Ends cutting 1/16˝ oversize to allow for RESURFACING

• Buy and Sharpen ONE blade instead of 3: (24T Rip, 50T Combination, 80T Crosscut)

• Side wobble is held to .001˝ - with other brands .004/.010 is common!

• RAISE the blade for THICK woods. LOWER the blade for THIN woods and get perfect cuts every time.

• Specially engineered clearances on the carbide teeth can totally eliminate side scoring. The result…no planing/jointing or sanding. In many cases a glue-line cut can be obtained, depending on the accuracy of the saw machine

• Optional thin-kerf 3/32˝ width blades are available in 10˝ diameter for EASIER CUTTING with minimum power saw machines. They also remove 25% less material.

Forrest Woodworker II from Stephen Price on Vimeo. 2:32

Catalog No. (Click for info) Diameter Teeth Tooth style Kerf Std Bore Price  
WW10487125 10" 48 25° ATB, 20° face hook 1/8" 5/8" $251.00 Add to cart
WW12487125A 12" 48 25° ATB, 20° face hook 1/8" 5/8" $251.00 Add to cart
WW12487125 12" 48 25° ATB, 20° face hook 1/8" 1" $251.00 Add to cart